Nonso Diobi

Nonso Diobi is a Nigerian Actor.Nonso hails from Enugu State (Eastern Nigeria).
He was born in July, 17 1976 into a family of five children – three boys and two girls. He is the last child.
Nonso’s parents have always been very supportive of his talents. At a very young age they encouraged him to explore his talents by taking part in stage plays in their local Church where he became one of the best among their drama group before venturing into the Nigerian film industry in 2001
He has been described as one of the few prolific Nollywood Actors.


Nonso grew up in Anambra State where his family lived. Theres has been very little or no detailed information about his educational history.
As the last son, it was only normal to be pampered and all but Nonso started doing business as early as age 15. He stated that he has always loved to be independent. The Actor sold clothes to his mates e.t.c

Nonso added that unlike other Nollywood Actors who had a tough time convincing their parents to give consent to their Acting profession, he was blessed with such wonderful Parents who had always supported it even before he considered doing it professionally.


The handsome young man decided to take his talent to the next level in 2001.
His first film was ‘Border line’ which was also released in 2001, directed by Adim William. That same year he starred in Never come back and Love boat.

A Young Nonso In A Movie Set With Genevieve Nnaji

ALthough Nonso was still too inexperienced to be graced as lead act, his performance wasnt one to be ignored.
Nonso Diobi never looked back, as producers kept calling on this young man.
The following year, Nonso Diobi got his big break in the film Hatred (2002). His performance was simply classy. He went ahead to do the sequel and a third installment of the film.
It didnt take a while before his name registered in the hearts of film faithfuls.
In 2003, he starred in another blockbuster which was his only film in that year – The Richest Man. The film’s cast includes ace Actor Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD), Rita Nzelu and Maureen Solomon and directed by Osita Okoli.
Nonso was ecsatic to be cast along side RMD which he later claimed helped him brush up on his acting.
The Richest Man was a huge commercial success and Nonso began to be a public figure.

In 2005 alone, Nonso featured in 31 different Nollywood films, The most prominent in 2005 was the movie – Black Bra which featured Oge Okoye and Uche Jombo. Black bra was a female campus cult group which which Oge Okoye’s role belonged. Nonso played the role of a young campus lover boy who tried to woo Oge incessantly to no avail.
After his persistence, she finally agreed after naming her terms.
Nonso sooner found her to be clingy – not allowing him to flirt around with other girls.
This infuriates Nonso who dumps Oge thus unleashing the Black Bra menance on him, making his life on campus a living hell.
Black Bra was a movie that tested and certified Nonso’s ability to gel into different roles easily.
Surpassing his total 2005 film record, the Handsome Actor starred in 46 Nollywood films in 2006. This was the peak of Nonso’s career as even critics were forced to keep mum.

Nonso In Movie Set With Mike Ezuruonye

Between 2006 and 2009, the Igbo Actor already had 64 films to his credit. In 2010, he was involved in a Royal Arts Academy Production ‘Too much’ where he played a cheating boyfriend to Uche Jombo.

In 2012, the Actor made his directoral debut with his crime movie ‘Streetz: City Of Gangs’ which he also starred in alongside Eric Anderson, Musician 2Shotz Williams, and Kelvin Books.

Nonso’s comic side has also been mentioned by a lot of his colleagues and friends.

Funny Nonso

The Actor is a brand Ambassador for Telecommunication giants GLOBACOM in a deal worth millions of Naira.
He is also the first Nigerian actor to be signed unto Jton Productions in New York.

Nonso Diobi in a Globacom Television Advert


On Sunday, 9th Of September, Nonso Diobi took to his twitter account and tweeted to his fans that he had not had sex in two years.
The news however went viral as media capitalised on it.

The Actor however came forth to refute the claims referring to it as just a joke which was taken too seriously by the media.

“The Anambra State-born actor said he only jokingly answered a question directed at him on twitter when he was asked when he last had sex, which he replied to be two years ago.

In his words, “So this joke has gone wide. I never knew that joke would go wide. I was just joking with these guys on twitter and it went wide. Chai! Hmmm, that little joke has gone wild.”

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